Race Overview : The Zerg

The Zerg race has always been a controversial topic in the Starcraft 2 community,some arguing that they are overpowered,other that they are fairly weak.

Regardless of this,the race is very different compared to the Terrans or Protoss who share some basic traits.

Just like in Starcraft and Broodwar,the Zerg are the hardest race to learn and play with.Micro and Macro here are not optional,and you really need to know in advance what units you train,and how many .

Race Overview : The Terrans

Just like in Starcraft and Brood War the Terran army is the definition of adaptability and versatility on the battlefield. 

Lacking the advanced technology of the Protoss and infinite numbers of the Zerg,they rely on their firepower and armor to survive in the Koprulu sector.Variety is probably the greatest strenght of the terran army,and the choices available to a terran commander are endless.

They have have the best defensive capabilities in the game,able to hold out against atackers using bunkers,sensor towers and defensive lines of powerfull siege tanks.

Race Overview : The Protoss

The Protoss remain very simillar to their form in Starcraft and Brood War ,with some notable additions and replacements.
They remain the most straightforward race to play,with easy to master unit compositions and  easy tech tree.