Shokz Guide - Worth It Or Not ?


If you were looking for a Starcraft 2 guide to purchase chances are that you've heard about Shokz guide.

At the moment it is deemed the best guide of its kind out there being praised for its stylish presentation and content packed sections.

But wait,were talking about a guide here,aren't guides supposed to be some digital book in PDF or something ?
Well yeah tradittional guides are like that,but this is what sets Shokz apart from other guides,the way you access your guide.  

Shokz realized that Starcraft 2 is a evolving game,strategies today might be worthless tomorrow with new patches added to the game.

To get arround this,the Shokz website was born,along with the old school PDF ebook you receive access to the Shokz online community.In your members area there are all the guides available in the ebook,sorted very nicelly into categories for more accesability.

You also have a community of customers who are active on the Shokz website,with more experienced players helping out the beginners.On the website you can also contact Shokz directly if you want to know something extra about a strategy or race.

So what can you  learn from the guide ? 

It is hard to summarize the members section here,articles and build orders are added weekly to the site,replays are constatly uploaded,but here is a quick rundown of the guide categories today : 

The Wings Of Liberty Campaign

Here you can find walkthroughs with video commentaries for all the campaign missions on Brutal difficulty.This section also teaches you how to get all the campaign achievements if you fancy that kind of stuff.

Begginer's Guides

If you never touched a RTS in your life,this section is for you.It covers RTS mechanics in general,and focuses on the Starcraft 2 core mechanics in particular.The section is broken down in chapters,again a 10/10 for pressentation.

Hot Key And APM Guides

Two crucial elements of Starcraft are covered here,if you are serious about winning in this game without relying on your luck,these guides are especially valuable.

Custom Training Maps 

Maps created using the Galaxy Editor to help you perfect your build times,see how units counter each other and  flex your multitasking muscles.

General Guides 

Here general rules of engagement are covered,that apply to every race,like choke points,map controll,stracraft 2 lingo and much more.

Terran Guides

Terran Unit Guides

Protoss Guides

Protoss Unit Guides

Zerg Guides

Zerg Unit Guides

Team Game Guides

There are people who enjoy 2vs2 or 4vs4 alot more than 1vs1.Altough here luck plays a greater role,this section is designed with arranged teams in mind.

Achievment Guides

If you love getting achievements and can't stop untill you collected all of them,this section is what you were waiting for.Multiplayer achievements,single player,map editor you can learn how to get them here.

Galaxy Editor Guide

This is another great addition to the arsenal of guides.If your the creative kind ,you can learn how to master the editor here,maybe even create the next DOTA.

Final Toughts 

Honestly i tried to find faults and shortcomings to post in this review,but really i cannot find one.This guide excells at what it does for the people that is meant for,begginers and intermediates.

But if you are spreading death and missery in diamond league already then you won't find much value in this guide.

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Thanks for coverage of Shokz guide! The Starcraft 2 strategy universe is ever evolving and you need a good guide and practice to stay on top.

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