Race Overview : The Zerg

The Zerg race has always been a controversial topic in the Starcraft 2 community,some arguing that they are overpowered,other that they are fairly weak.

Regardless of this,the race is very different compared to the Terrans or Protoss who share some basic traits.

Just like in Starcraft and Broodwar,the Zerg are the hardest race to learn and play with.Micro and Macro here are not optional,and you really need to know in advance what units you train,and how many .

Zerg Strenghts  

  • The zerg rely on their numbers over anything else,units are cheap ,fast to produce,and can be massed pretty quick.
  • Land units have the ability to burrow underground,while in this state they cannot be atacked,the zerg version of stealth .
  • Special units like roaches and infestors can move while burrowed.
  • While on creep units heal faster
  • The overlord provides supply cap,scout while flying,and spread creep vital to zerg units.
  • Overseers (upgraded from Overlords) can transport units and detect cloaked enemy units
  • Zerg structures like the spine crawler and spore colony can uproot and move on creep for better positions.
  • All zerg land units gain a 30 % speed boost while on creep
  • Can create surprise atacks and base rushes using nydus worms.

Zerg Weaknesses

  • Buildings must be placed on creep
  • Units are weak in small numbers
  • Drones transform into buildings and they are lost once the order is placed unless canceled.
  • Difficult to understand,very hard to master.

New Air Units

The Overseer : Evolved from the overlord,this unit further expands the uses of his predecesor.Able to transport units and detect stealth enemy units.Further more the Overseer has the ability to spawn Changelings and Contaminate buildings,stoping their production capabilities for 30 seconds.

Corruptors : These flying squid like creatures are introduced in Starcraft 2 as a heavy counter  to massive armored air units and low hp air air units.Has the Corruption ability wich causes the target to take an extra 25% of damage for 30 seconds.

Brood Lord : In Wings Of Liberty the Zerg received a new aerial bomber unit called the Brood Lord.This unit evolves from the Corruptor and replaces the Guardian from SC1 and Brood War.The advantage of the Brood Lord is his ability to atack from a safe distance,outranging most enemy defensive structures.His attacks conssist of little creatures called broodlings that he throws at his targets,sorrounding them and slowly destroying them.

New Ground Units 

Banelings as the name suggests is a pain for bioball armies and turtling terrans.These critters evolves from zerglings and deal massive amounts of splash damage once they hit a target and explode .Can be upgraded with centrifugall hooks for increased movespeed and burrow for surprise atacks.Best used for terran wall busts and in conjuction with Overseers as carpet bombs.

Changeling : This unit is somewhat unique in the zerg army. They have no offensive value but can be a great spying and deceptive unit.Produced by the Overseer the changeling takes the shape and color of the first enemy unit it comes in contact with and cannot be atacked automatically unless the enemy player realizes whats going on.Great for scouting your enemy when he is not paying attention to their armies.

Infestors : This specialized zerg unit is best used by players with good micro.
Has a wide range of offensive and disruptive abilites like neural parasites for mind controling enemy units,fungal growth as AOE against numerous biological formations and spawns of infested terrans that last  30 seconds.These abilities coupled with his burrow upgrade makes the infestor a great unit for harrasment .The infestors energy suply can be upgraded with the Patogen Glands upgrade for 25 additional energy.

Roach : This armored biological introduced in starcraft 2 is a  great counter to light biological and armored mechanicals.The roach sets itself apart with his fast regenerating health pool and the ability to move while burrowed.In large battles they can burrow for rapid regeneration and quickly swarm the enemy once their ready .Can be upgraded with Glial Reconstitution for increased movespeed and Tunneling Claws for the ability to move while burrowed.

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