Race Overview : The Terrans

Just like in Starcraft and Brood War the Terran army is the definition of adaptability and versatility on the battlefield. 

Lacking the advanced technology of the Protoss and infinite numbers of the Zerg,they rely on their firepower and armor to survive in the Koprulu sector.Variety is probably the greatest strenght of the terran army,and the choices available to a terran commander are endless.

They have have the best defensive capabilities in the game,able to hold out against atackers using bunkers,sensor towers and defensive lines of powerfull siege tanks.

The Strenghts Of The Terran

  • As terran the player doesn't need to worry about energy matrices or creep to build their buildings,building placements are available anywhere on the map.
  • In addition to collecting minerals and build structures terran SCV's can repair any mechanical unit or structure,providing more survivability in defensive sittuations.
  • Mobility in defensive and offensive plays.Buildings can lift off and move anywhere on the map.
  • Great support units,in addition to being a troop transport the Medivac can heal infantry units on the move.
  • Able to call down nuclear strikes,crippling armies or taking them out completely.
  • Large selection of armored units and fortification capabilities.
  • Can detect and prepare for incoming attacks using Sensor Towers

The Weaknesses Of The Terran

  • Easy to understand,very hard to master.
  • Micromanagement is sommetimes crucial

New Air Units  

The Medivac is one of the most welcomed changes in the terran army.This troop transport/healer is the combination of the Medic and The Dropship from Stracraft 1 and Brood War.It is capable of healing units on the move automaticaly.The starting energy of the Medivac can be increased from the Starport Techlab for additional support durring battles.

The Viking is probably the weirdest and the most coolest unit introduced in Starcraft 2.More like something out of Michael Bay's Transformers,this armored mech is capable of both air and ground combat,transforming from air fighter to assault walker at the click of a button.Great in any situation,especially air battles.

The Raven fills the role of support unit,detector and sometimes raider .Armed with point defense drones,auto turrets and  smart bombs ,this craft can be a vital addition to any army composition.The Raven can upgrade its starting energy at the Starport TechLab.

The Banshee is a new tactical strike craft introduced to the Terran army in Starcraft 2.It can atack only ground units and it has the ability to cloak, ideeal for raiding and base rushes especially against Protoss .

New Ground Units

The MULE is an automated mining bot introduced in SC 2.It is available for dropdown once you have an Orbitall Command available.The MULE can collect resources faster and in greater quantity than other workers,but it comes with a limited worktime .

The Marrauder like the Marine,is a basic infantry unit in the Terran army.Heavily armored they can atack only ground units,being an ideal counter against enemy armored units.They can be upgraded with Concussive Shells and Stim Packs at the Tech Lab.Concussive Shells slow down enemy targets for 50% of their move speed.Great against fast moving targets like upgraded Zealots,Reapers .

Reapers also make their debut in Wings Of Liberty as raiders.Equiped with Jetpacks and great movement speed they can make surprise atacks anywhere on the map.Their Jetpacks allows them to jump up and down cliffs,making them a nightmare against unprepared oponents.They can be upgraded with Nitro Packs that further increases their move speed.

The Hellion is another mix of two old units introduced in Wing Of Liberty .With the mobility of the Vulture and splash atack of the Firebat from Starcraft 1 and Brood War,this unit is ideal for harassment.Can be upgraded with infernal preigniters at the Factory Techlab that gives +10 damage against light units.

The Thor is an ultimate assault mech in Starcraft 2.Highly durrable and great damage dealer against both ground and air units.This unit is favored as a counter to Mutalisks.Has only one special ability researched at the Techlab,the 250mm Strike Cannons.When activated the Thor bombards the target with 500 damage over 6 seconds.

New Abilities 

Combat Shields : This upgrade,exclusive to the marines,grants 10 additional hp.It complements well the Stimpack ability,and is recommeded for heavy infantry formations.

Concussive Shells : The Marrauder is highly powerfull but a slow unit.To make up for this the concussive shells upgrade slows down enemy targets for 50 % of their movespeed,giving an advantage over highly mobile enemy armies.

TechLabs And Reactors : Addons to the 3 primary unit producing buildings for the Terran army,they give a choice to the commander between double base tier unit production or  high tier unit production .Besides granting access to advanced unit types,TechLabs also upgrade and unlock special abilities for the units.

Orbitall Command And Planetary Fortress : The Command Center can be upgraded in these 2 advanced structures.The Orbitall Command offers MULE drops,Supply Cap drops and Orbitall Scans while the Planetary Fortress does not grant any ability other than increased defensive capabilities.Orbitall Commands are always recommended over Planetary Fortress,except for distant expansions where the player can't defend it in time.

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