Protoss 4 Warpgate Rush


The 4 Warpgate rush is probably the strongest agressive opening against all races.It allows for constant unit pressure against your oponent but it does have its shortcomings.

For one you are sacrificing tech upgrades and high tier unit production in favor of a large number of basic infantry units like Zealots and Stalkers .It also sacrifices economical expansion.Your goal is to deal as much damage to your enemy as you can,otherwise he will dominate you with a stronger economy later in the game.

This build relies on a pylon proxy near the enemy base for constant unit reinforcement .

Build Order - Fast Zealot

  • Place your first Pylon at 9 supply
  • At 12 supply place your Gateway (Scout using a probe)
  • At 14 supply get your first assimilator
  • At 16 supply place your second Pylor
  • At 18 supply place your Cybernetics Core
  • Train your first Zealot at 19 supply
  • Place another pylon at 23 supply
  • Train a Stalker at 24 supply
  • Research the Warpgate upgrade at 26 supply
  • At 27 supply place another Gateway
  • Train a Sentry at 28 supply
  • At 30 supply place two more Gateways 
  • At 31 supply complete the opener with the proxy pylon near the enemy base

Notes :

If you are facing a Zerg oponent,its important that you wall your ramp with the structures.
Use the first Zealot to block off the ramp to avoid getting rushed with Zerglings.

Chrono Boost your Cybenertics Core for faster Warpgate reasearch .

It is important that you build your third and fourth Gateways after the enemy scout is gone.If he doesn't scout your base until you place them, delay the build to avoid strong counters.

Because terran players tend to use scans on your base,build the final 2 gates in a secluded location in your base to avoid detection

It is safer to place the proxy pylon in a neutral location on the map rather than outside his base.Experienced players usually scout for pylons outside their base .

Closing Comments

Keep in mind that to properly play this rush you must constantly build proxy pylons and units untill you have a large area of the map controlled.

Keep pressuring his base with units until his defenses fail.If you encounter his natural expansion block his ramp with your sentries and destroy it.

If hes not expanded beyond his main,send a few units to scout his defenses and see if you can make an opening.If he has a strong defense hold off unit production and start expanding for a strong economical advantage while keeping your oponent locked inside his main .

The key ingredient in this rush is timming,but you have to be aware of your enemy beyond the initial rush to finish the game . After your initial rush you will encounter one of these outcomes :

  • You destroyed most of his defending army - It is only right that you reinforce imediatelly and finish the game right there
  • You lost units but you have taken an equal ammount of enemy units with yours - You can start expanding with a pylon nearby to reinforce the location and avoid counter rushes.
  • You failed in your rush and lost most of your units while dealing very little or no damage - This is where the shortcommings of the 4 Warpgate rush come into play.At this point your behind tech upgrades and you must know what your enemy is building and transition into the mid part of the game .

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