Terran Rush - 111 Tech Banshee Rush - Versus Zerg


The 111 Tech Banshee Rush or "Cauthonluck Cheese" is used to catch unprepared Zerg players with early squads of Banshees .Besides the rush usefullness this builld can be used to counter heavy roach armies or fast expanding zerg players.

Build Order 
  • Place your first Refinery at 10 supply 
  • At 11 supply start walling in with a supply depot
  • Continue building your wall with a Barracks at 11 supply
  • Finish your wall with a Factory at 11 supply.
  • After your wall is done upgrade to Orbital Command - 11 supply
  • Imediatelly after your factory is finished place a Starport - 11 supply
  • Upgrade your Starport with a TechLab ( you can upgrade the barracks before hand and then move it to the Starport - 11 supply


While your Starport is being built,have a handfull of marines ready at your choke point to counter early zerg agression.

Walling off here is important as this rush is vulnerable to early zergling rushes,make sure you don't leave a crack open in your ramp.

Hold off SCV production untill you complete the build order.
Start production of Banshees as soon as you build a supply depot.

Executing the rush

You must atack as soon as you have at least 3 banshees .If your build was fast your oponent will propably have a queen,or a spore crawler ready,2 banshees are enough to dispatch both.

If you spot a Lair when your are scouting him,abort the rush and transition into something else.


If you fail the rush or encounter a lair in scouting you could transition into one the bellow :

Against 1 base - lair place 2 more barracks and go for a standard 3 barracks game plan.

Against a fast expansion into fast lair place more Refineries and another Factory with a Techlab for heavy Thor and Hellion production

If you spot a Banneling Nest you must counter by ensuring your wall is comprised of high HP buildings (Barracks,Factory) complemented with a bunker .

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