Terran 2 Barracks - Orbital Opener


The goal of this build is to sacrifice vespene gas and tech upgrades and get fast Marines without dellay to the Orbital Command upgrade.

This opener is popular in 2v2 or 4v4 matches that rely mainly on large infantry armies due to the ability to mass a  large ground force without sacrificing economy.

Build Order :

  • At 10 supply place your first depot
  • At 12 supply place your first Baracks
  • Follow with the second Barracks once you gathered 150 minerals
  • Upgrade to an Orbital Command
  • Start training marines

Clossing Comments 

Players usualy follow up this opener with more baracks after the orbital command finishes,or harvesting gas for higher tech tiers.If you don't encounter early agression or if you feel the game will drag on to late stages,you can start expanding.

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