Protoss 9 Pylon 12 Gate Opener


This Protoss opener has the goal to provide a strong economy to your game by giving constant probe production while you build your first gateway.It is a relatively fast opener that holds well against most rushes.The transition into the mid game is complemented by the proper timing of the Cybernetics Core and Gateway.

The Build Order 
  • As the name suggests you build the first Pylon at 9 supply cap
  • At 12 supply build your first Gateway
  • Continue with an assimilator at 14 supply cap.
  • Build another Pylon at 16 supply

Notes : 
  • Chronos Boost your nexus as soon as your first pylon is ready.
  • Send your first probe to scout,never skip scouting.

Alternative Build Order For Faster Gas

  • Build your first Pylon at 9 supply
  • At 12 supply continue with the Gateway
  • At 13 supply build an assimilator  
  • At 16 supply place your second pylon 
  • At 17 supply you would go with a Cybernetics Core
Closing Comments 

This opener is flexible enough to allow any kind of transition for your match.The alternative build allows more gas to be gathered for an early Stalker or Sentry on the field.You can also use the extra gas to get faster Warpgates .

The extra gas build is important if your facing a Terran oponent using Reaper rushes.Terran Reapers can kite Zealots early in the game quite easily and are devastating against unprepared Protoss.Stalkers can deny any kind of reaper harass very easily.

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