Protoss Cannon Rush - With Counters


If you are a beginner in Starcraft 2 a Cheese is the use of an unexpected/unsuall strategy against your oponent that is more or less all in .The chesse is a frustrating method to unbalance the game for your oponent and if he is a unexperienced player it can always lead to an easy win .

The protoss cannon rush consists of slowly suffocating your oponent with photon cannons in his main by slipping a probe without his knowledge.This is mainly effective in low level play and it is extremly risky against experienced players.

The key elements in this rush is secrecy and timing.If your oponent knows how what your planing and how to counter you,you most likely will loose the game.

Another benefitt of the cannon rush is forcing your oponent to use specific units to counter your cannon rush,while building a counter for those units.

Build Order 

  • Build three probes at 7,8 and 9 supply
  • Build a Pylon at 10 supply
  • Build a Forge at 10 supply after your pylon.
  • At 11-13 supply build your proxy pylon
  • From 12-14 supply start building cannons.


Send your probe while the Forge is being built.

Its important that you give the impression to your oponent that you are only scouting him and after hide your probe in a corner in his main base.

Build your first cannon in a more defensive possition as he will atack it with workers.If he is an experienced player he will not put all his workers to atack,and will probably atack your probe first.Micro your probe arround his workers to give the cannon time to finish.

Countering the Cannon Rush

The best way to counter a protoss cannon cheese is by not letting it happen.When you are facing Protoss players always scout your base to find any hidden probes he may send.

As a terran you can easily avoid it by walling yourself in ,but if a probe does sneak in and build a pylon or cannon it is extremelly important you take out the probe.If you see the rush comming before he puts his first cannon ,pull 5-6 workers from your mineral line to kill his probe.

Countering as a Terran

This rush is more or less useless against Terran players.Because terrans can lift of their building and land in another mineral expo,this is not recommended against them.

Countering as a Zerg

As a zerg you have the advantage of creep against cannon rushes.Probes can't build cannons on your creep,but do not let them get to close.While he is cannon rushing you ,you can easily send a pack of Zerglings to finish his base.

Countering as a Protoss

If his cannons are not finished then send 2 probes after his to finish it off.Also send a couple of probes to destroy his pylon while his probe is distracted.

If you get a Gateway send 2 zealots to kill his probe but only if you are sure you can kill it,don't let it kite you .You can also send the zealots to his main to finish off his workers .

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