Terran Planetary Fortress Rush Vs Protoss


This Terran cheese is often acompanied by anger and hilarity,from both players because the risks involved.
This is a all-in rush,once you start its hard to go back,and if you fail,you will loose the game.

Against players who never faced such a rush before,this can guarantee a quick victory,but against experienced players it can ensure that the  "joke's on you".

Obviously this build is viable only against protoss players because the Zerg have creep that you can't place on,and the Terrans can just lift off their structures and move in another expansion.

The objective of this build is to completely eliminate your oponent,failing to do that after your rush leaves you with a large disatvantage.

Build Order 
  • Start with a supply depot at 10 supply.
  • At 12 supply build your first Barracks (Send a scout while your Barracks are building)
  • Place your first Refinery at 13 supply
  • At 14 supply place your Engineering Bay
  • When you have 150 minerals or 150 Gas(or arround the 4 minute mark)  you must : 
-Load up your SCVs into your Command Center 
-Fly both your Command Center And Barracks at your oponents base.


You basically need only 150 minerals/gas to pull this off,but you can gather some more because you will need to repair the planetary fortress while attacking.

When you scout his base try to keep your SCV as long as possible in his base,you need to know his exact building locations to pull this off succesfully.

Executing the rush

Key to this build here is optimal landing in your oponents base.You planetary fortress must be in atack range of his nexus ,pylons and other vital structures like Gateways.

If you face a crowded building placement ,then your best alternative will be the marines from the Barracks.

After your Command Center has landed in his base,unload all SCV's and begin the Planetary Fortress upgrade.You oponent will most likely atack your Command Center as soon as they see it,use the SCV's to repair it while the upgrade is underway.

Do not forget the Barracks as it will be a diversion for your planetary fortress to finish.Train some marines and atack his mineral lines or defending forces while your Planetary is upgrading.

When your Planetary Fortress is completed you must commit your SCV's to repair duty.If your oponent sacrificed economy to counter you with a larger army,then you should order your SCV's to atack along with the marines.

Another thing you could do is supply your mineral reserves from his own lines.Here you must have good possition by placing your Fortress in atack range of his mineral lines .

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