Protoss 2 Nexus Zealot/Templars Build


This mid game build relies on the use of High Templars mixed with  Zealots and is very strong against bioball armies.

The key abilities of this build are Psi Storms with the Khaydarin Amulet and the Zealot charge upgrade.The build is best used against Zerg and Terran players that go for large organic armies,like MMM or zerg ground armies.

As the name suggests this build is effective only when you have 2 bases set up with all 4 gas geysers being extracted.

When attacking the Zealots will act as meat shields quickly sourrounding your oponents with the charge,while giving time to your High Templars for devastating Psi Storms.

Build Order 

Being a mid game build,the initial build is not that important and can be transitioned from most initial set-ups.These are some elements of the builds you must be aware of :
  • 2 mining expansions can support constant production for 8 Warpgates and each additional expansion can support another 3 or 4 Warpgates.
  • The Khaydarin Amulet upgrade is crucial as it allows your Templars to use psi storms from the moment they warped .
  • Prioritize the following upgrades for a succesfull build : Zealot Charge,Psionic Storms at the Templar Archives and Khaydarin Amulet.
  • Gas will be your most needed resource in this build,so having all vespene geysers saturated is key.
  • Once your Templars are out of energy after casting storms,quickly merge them into Archons to extend their effectiveness.

You need a good micro for this build to pull it off.Always keep your Templars behind your Zealots and back them off if the enemy focuses on them.

Try to avoid using this build against roach heavy Zerg players,roaches are highly resistant to Psi Storms and your push will fail against massed roach armies.

Playing this VS Zerg 

This is highly effective against mass Speedling / Hydralisk armies.The storms will kill speedlings imediatelly while your Zealots can finish of the weakened Hydralisks very easily.

Playing this VS Terran

This build along with the Collosi /Immortal build are the best counters for the famous Terran MMM composition.
It is a very good ideea to use different controll groups for your Templars and Zealots here and focus the psi stoms on the Marines,while ordering the Zealots to atack Marrauders.


Zerg Counters

As i said earlier Roaches are a pain for this build,the roach can easily soak up 2 psionic storms and have a fairly good range to place a couple of hits on your Zealots before they reach them.

Assuming you scouted properly,if your oponent has a Roach Warren don't scrap the build imediatelly.If he is using roaches only as support for his army then you can train some stalkers to counter them.A couple of Immortals are also a good choice .

But if your oponent is massing a roach army then you need to abandon this build completely and go with Immortal/Stalker formations to counter.

Infestors are another unit to avoid when playing this build against the Zerg.The infestor's fungal growth is crippling to many bioball formations including this protoss ball.They can also use neural parasite on your templars,thus storming your own armies.

The best counter to infestors if you play this build is the Feedback ability from your Templars.The infestor has a high energy pool,and assuming he didn't use any spells allready,one feedback on that infestor can be fatal .

Terran Counters

A good terran player will complement his bioball army with siege tanks.Before you quickly storm the tanks keep in mind that tanks can be as resistant to them as a roach.
Here proper micro comes into play again by using your Zealots as meat shields before you close the gap on the tanks.Keep your storms focused on the bioball,and try to catch the tanks next to his infantry if possible.

Hellions are another hard counter to Templar/Zealot formations due to their bonus damage against light units.Use your charging zealots to close the gap on the hellions,but be aware that they can kite your units if a good player is using them.As with the siege tanks focus your storms on the bioball first and leave the hellions last.

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