Terran 1 Barracks - Factory Opener


This is a popular opener as it allows easy transition into mid-game Factory/Starport plays.

The objective of this opener is getting a fast factory without cutting back on economy and openening your tech tree faster for a heavy mech or air army.

Build Order
  • Place your first Supply Depot at 10 supply.
  • At 11 supply build your first Barracks 
  • At 12 supply build your Refinerry.
  • Imediatelly after your Barracks is finished upgrade to Orbital Command
  • End the opener with a factory right after your Orbital is finished.

As with many terran openers a wall in is required.You can go for a standard wall of 1 barracks with supply depots,but if you are facing a Zerg oponent i suggest walling yourselff with the Barracks and Factory.Zerg players have the habbit of busting terran walls with banelings ,and standard depot-barracks wall won't hold.

If you are planing for a heavy gas transition,you can build your second Refinery while the Factory is under construction.

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