Terran General Unit Roles And Play Style


The Terran race is the most diverse of the three SC 2 races.Altough they share some basic traits with the protoss,the way you aproach terrans is completelly different.Here are some basic notions you should keep in mind when playing with or against terrans.

Army composition : As a terran player you always have many tech tree paths you can choose.Each one will always serve a different purpose.Terran units in general don't have multipurpose roles,so army composition is key to terran succes.

Defensive supperiority : Another perk for the Terran race is their ability to play a defensive game.Terran players have the option to wait for enemy atacks instead of being the agressor .Their defensive structures and units are the strongest in the game,but at the same time they lack mobility,hence the turtling terran .

Key to defensive play as a terran is army position and .

Harassement : Besides being great at defensive play,terrans also have a variety of units and tactics that can create an advantage thru unexpected plays.

Here units like the Hellion,Reaper or Medivac drops excell .

Terran Play Styles

Bio Terran : A bio Terran is a player that prefers to employ large numbers of infantry units (biological units) like Marines and Marrauders,often backed up by Medivacs .

But massing a large blob of units is not key to winning as a Bio Terran.For a succesfull bio play a terran must learn how to split his armies in squads.

For example protoss players can counter large terran bioballs by proper army composition using the splash damage of the Colossus ,the tanking abilities of Zealots and shields of the sentry.Because of this is important that a terran player learns how to split the enemy army up ,for example kitting the enemy zealots away while focusing marauders on the Colossus.

Against Zerg players things are more different when using a bio army.Zerg units are more mobile than Protoss armies and don't suffer if you are spliting up the army composition.Here Terran players will always complement their bio squads with siege tanks or thors for the best results

Terran Mech : The terran mech play focuses heavily on factory units.Mech plays are especially effective against Zerg players .

Mech play ussualy means the terran player will be playing a defensive game,using siege tanks to stop enemy ground atacks,or thors to stop enemy air atacks.After massing a large enough force the terran player goes on the atack,wich will win or loose for him the game.One drawback here is that while the terran is turtlin and gathering his mech army,the zerg player expands more or less freely,having a larger economy.

The terran player here needs to push when he has 2 expansions set up.The push must be well timed and well planned .Here unit position is crucial as siege tanks need time to enter siege mode to be of any use.

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