Shokz Guide - Worth It Or Not ?


If you were looking for a Starcraft 2 guide to purchase chances are that you've heard about Shokz guide.

At the moment it is deemed the best guide of its kind out there being praised for its stylish presentation and content packed sections.

But wait,were talking about a guide here,aren't guides supposed to be some digital book in PDF or something ?
Well yeah tradittional guides are like that,but this is what sets Shokz apart from other guides,the way you access your guide.  

Terran Planetary Fortress Rush Vs Protoss


This Terran cheese is often acompanied by anger and hilarity,from both players because the risks involved.
This is a all-in rush,once you start its hard to go back,and if you fail,you will loose the game.

Against players who never faced such a rush before,this can guarantee a quick victory,but against experienced players it can ensure that the  "joke's on you".

Obviously this build is viable only against protoss players because the Zerg have creep that you can't place on,and the Terrans can just lift off their structures and move in another expansion.

The objective of this build is to completely eliminate your oponent,failing to do that after your rush leaves you with a large disatvantage.

Terran Rush - 111 Tech Banshee Rush - Versus Zerg


The 111 Tech Banshee Rush or "Cauthonluck Cheese" is used to catch unprepared Zerg players with early squads of Banshees .Besides the rush usefullness this builld can be used to counter heavy roach armies or fast expanding zerg players.

Terran 1 Barracks - Factory Opener


This is a popular opener as it allows easy transition into mid-game Factory/Starport plays.

The objective of this opener is getting a fast factory without cutting back on economy and openening your tech tree faster for a heavy mech or air army.

Terran 2 Barracks - Orbital Opener


The goal of this build is to sacrifice vespene gas and tech upgrades and get fast Marines without dellay to the Orbital Command upgrade.

This opener is popular in 2v2 or 4v4 matches that rely mainly on large infantry armies due to the ability to mass a  large ground force without sacrificing economy.